Create your ideal scenario

META receives and manages data and devices, activating events and scenarios according to your preferences,
so you always have control of your rooms, motorizing and optimizing consumption,
for a more sustainable building without sacrificing maximum comfort.


The perfect light all day long?


With the METAHome App you can set a simple rule to open and close awnings and shutters, as well as turn the lighting on and off, to manage the brightness and color of the lights.

Thanks to the integrated light sensor, the METAHome gateway itself guarantees the desired level of light for each room, optimizing electricity consumption.

It is also possible to modify the established parameters at any time, via voice commands and the App.


Did you close everything when you got out?


Discover how easy it is to be sure that all windows are protected, the awnings retract in bad weather, and the garage and gate are closed for greater safety.

Just configure an event or a scene in METAHome and the established schedule or simply a command, at home or in the office, are saved, with the possibility of assistance on installation at any time from the phone.

Furthermore, thanks to the compatibility of the META system with the various modules on the market, you can expand the intelligent functions related to safety, integrating the devices that best suit your needs.


Do you want to optimize the use of
heating and air conditioning and
manage the closing of awnings?


The METAHome gateway integrates temperature and humidity sensors inside, observing the environmental conditions.

It is thus possible to configure automatic functions with the aim of limiting energy consumption, activating the opening and closing of awnings and shutters at various times of the day according to the solar radiation to optimize the air conditioning of the rooms.

Furthermore, by expanding the system with other compatible devices, it is possible to integrate the monitoring and activation of the air conditioning and heating devices into the events and scenarios. Everything from your App.


Open gate and garage
when you drive home
with groceries?


The META system allows you to manage the opening and closing of automated gates and garage doors through the Gateway and the App, allowing you to program scenarios and commands, check their status from anywhere, access comfortably by activating the opening on arrival with the car.

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