What is METAHome?

A gateway, an App, a Z-Wave ecosystem
for intelligent solar protection control

META app

Available for IOS and Android systems, created to manage the installation and all the functions of the motors and devices in a simpler and more intuitive way.


Everything revolves around METAHome, the gateway that controls and manages your devices for the Smart Home, from motors for roller shutters, awnings and shutters, to small appliances, garage doors and automated gates.

Voice assistants

Close curtains and shutters, turn off the lights and activate the security system when you leave the house, keep a constant light in every room without wasting energy, independently manage office and home solar protections to optimize air conditioning and heating: just ask META for it, with a touch of the App, a request to the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa or a click on the remote control. Everything else is done by the METAHome gateway.

ZRX motors

Dual radio, multiple benefits

The motors of the ZRX series are programmable from the remote control like the CRC Cherubini RX motors and controllable from METAHome or via the main Z-Wave gateways.


A new system, many opportunities.

META offers the possibility of integrating a series of actuators and sensors that can be managed through the METAHome App.

Pre Cherubini installations

The new gateway for all devices, even those already installed.

METAHome also integrates the new dual radio motors and META devices into the same ecosystem, as well as all CRC Cherubini Remote Control RX products. In this way it is easier to expand and renovate existing installations in a modular and scalable way, providing environments with new functionalities and, thanks to the Z-Wave protocol, open to new and continuous integrations.

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